Renting with

Our ability to provide service on rental equipment is second to no one because of our stocked inventory of parts and saturation of installation teams nationwide. Allowing Pak-Rite Rentals to provide Pitstop reaction time to service the needs of our customers throughout the entire United States. Providing a fast response and quick dispatch of stock new equipment or remanufactured equipment is what we do to keep our customers in the race.

Our Rental Agreement

A compactor rental agreement offers several benefits including a proactive maintenance plan with periodic inspections of all vital components of the compactor. This helps in eliminating unexpected costs associated with a breakdown, not only from repairing the machine but from loss of production or potential loss of business. Our extensive professional service team strives to insure all related service 4 issues are dealt with in a timely manner, usually 24 to 48 hours after receipt of an e-mail or phone request. Emergency service is dispatched as needed and should the unit be deemed un-repairable, it will be replaced. PAK-RITE Rentals will provide a totally turn-key unit for your site location in accordance with safety standards and guidelines as written for ANSI & WASTEC. Additionally, we offer fullness, usage, odor control systems and non-standard installation at the customer’s discretion.


Prevents unauthorized access/disposal
Improves housekeeping and sanitation
Reduces opportunity for pest/rodent problems
Stops windblown material
Saves on collection costs
Increases productivity/less labor
Less opportunity for fire to occur
Reduces size and volume of material
Greater security for personnel
Controls odor
Discourages theft
Less monthly spending
Improved environmental impact
Increase pavement life
Improved material sourcing control
Better return on investment

No capital expenditure required
Totally 100% tax deductable (operating cost)
100% maintenance for life of the rental
Guaranteed monthly rental rate (no escalator)
Custom installation at customer site
Lifetime warranty of equipment
Delivery to customer’s location included
On-site emergency service of equipment
Annual customer budgeting set
Hauling contract flexibility promotes service
Enduring equipment installed
Versatility to upgrade or relocate equipment
No system replacement cost
Better management of expenses
No tangible property taxes to pay
Cash flow (better return on appreciating asset)



Is an investment into a depreciating asset the best use of dollars?
Rental is 100% business expense and 100% deductible.

What should be budgeted for preventive maintenance and future repairs?

How much will a customized installation cost?
Who is responsible for the customized installation of the equipment at my location?

What are the freight and delivery charges I will incur with each option?

Time is money. How do we insure prompt service in the event of breakdown? Does equipment meet all safety guidelines in accordance with ANSI and OSHA?

How do we monitor the usage and fullness to ensure optimal performance?

Can we upgrade or downgrade to a different system or move it to a different location?

Through the rental option, you have the power to leverage your account, through equipment control, insuring the best rate and service from your hauler without the threat of interruption of service or thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses.


Concrete Pad

Pak-Rite Rentals does not provide the concrete pad for the new equipment customer. Customer will need to provide an adequate concrete pad for related equipment (consult your sales associate). Typical requirements are 6" thick reinforced 3000 PSI, 5 ft. greater than the combined length of the compaction equipment and container. Width of pad may vary depending upon use of enclosure around equipment (serviced technician will approve).

Non Standard Installation

Additional costs may be added to any installation determined to be other than standard by design. Additional equipment or training necessary to complete installation of heavy duty drive on decking, full weather enclosures, special feed applications or secured site installation are not included in standard rates.


Customer is responsible for providing electrical service. Customer must provide a fused electrical disconnect within 10 feet and in clear sight of equipment to be installed. Typical electrical requirements are: 3 phase, 208/230/460/575 volts. Ask your sales associate for specific guidelines as they relate to your equipment motor size.


All equipment proposals are quoted with universal 37" I.D. understructure, unless expressly stated otherwise. Special understructure is available and will require approval in advance. Please consult your associate for details.